It’s found out! Earth is actually Flat.

In the 2020s, you’ll be surprised to know that there are plenty of people around the world who genuinely believe that the Earth is flat. Those plenties of people are known as the flat-Earther.

The flat-Earthers argue on the flatness on the Earth. While working over the Earth’s surface, it feels that we are walking over the flat surface. Hence, the Earth is flat.

In 1956, there was The Flat Society, founded by Samuel Shenton in Dover, UK. Later, it changed its name to The International Flat Earth Research Society (IFERS). There’s an annual flat-Earth conference in the US in which more than 600 people attended the session at a recent Conference. Though, several YouTube videos are available on the Internet. And those have received responses immensely for the flat structure of the Earth.

If you travel our mind to the historical age, few philosophers discovered and proved that Earth is not flat, but it is spherical.

Several incidents already prove the Earth is spherical. Gravity, tides, atmosphere, and day-night changes possible for this spherical structure of the Earth. Even, A flat Earth can’t attract the Moon as well.

The Flat-Earth idea occurs due to misunderstanding and a gap of proper knowledge. So, we need to think for ourselves why this idea still exists even in the 21'st century.

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